Whatsapp introduces new voice chat feature for large group conversations. Know more about it

Whatsapp newly rolledout voice chat which is mainly useful for large group conversations.

New feature will be available for groups with 33 to 128 participants. However below 33 members can use existing group voice call feature.

This feature will be available on iOS and Android devices soon.

Unlike the voice calls and voice notes, the new feature does not ring each group member individually when a voice chat is started.  Users will receive a silent notification, and can choose to join the voice chat at any time.

New voice chat feature supports multitasking, allowing users to control the call and send text messages at the same time.

New voice chat feature also makes it easier for people to drop and rejoin from conversation as and when needed by tapping the chat bubble on the top.

According to Whatsapp, this feature is less disruptive for people who are busy or don't want to be disturbed.

Call controls are placed at the top. This will allow users to message during voice chats.

New feature is only available on your primary device, and group members not in the voice chat can see the profiles of those in the voice chat from the chat header and the Calls tab.

Whatsapp new feature provides security with End-to-End Encryption to the conversations.

Voice chats will end automatically once everyone has left the chat, or if no one joins the first or last person in the chat for 60 minutes.