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What is and how does it work?, developed by Ximilar, is an advanced custom image recognition API that brings the power of Artificial Intelligence to businesses, offering seamless visual automation. Trusted by numerous companies, this API enables efficient and accurate image recognition, making it an indispensable tool in today’s technology-driven world.

Setting up is a breeze, taking just around 5 minutes or less. The process begins by defining the desired categories and uploading sample images that represent those categories. This step allows the system to understand and learn the specific objects or patterns that need to be recognized. Once the custom neural network is trained, developers can preview the results to ensure the accuracy and quality of the recognition.

Using, users can easily send images to the API and leverage their own custom neural network for accurate recognition. The system employs cutting-edge deep learning algorithms that deliver industry-leading accuracy. This ensures that businesses can rely on to provide precise and reliable image recognition capabilities.

One of the notable advantages of is its intuitive interface, which empowers users to create powerful and customized image recognizers (models) effortlessly. The platform streamlines the process, enabling developers to quickly implement cutting-edge vision automation solutions without incurring significant development costs.

Scalability is another key aspect of Developers can effortlessly scale up their image recognition capabilities without the need for extensive infrastructure investments. This flexibility allows businesses to adapt to changing demands and seamlessly handle growing volumes of image data.

The dedicated team behind continuously works on improving the underlying machine learning algorithms, ensuring that developers have access to the latest advancements in the field. By staying updated with the latest trends and techniques, ensures that businesses can achieve optimal results and maintain a competitive edge in their respective industries.

In summary, by Ximilar is a comprehensive and user-friendly image recognition API that offers businesses the ability to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence for visual automation. With its quick setup, high accuracy, and ease of use, is a valuable tool for developers and businesses looking to implement custom image recognition solutions efficiently and effectively. Pricing

Pricing Model
Freemium , Subscription




Plus €0.9 or $0.95 per 1k credits


  • 3,000 API credits free*
  • Sequential processing
  • Limited email support
  • Available services:
    • Image Recognition
    • Generic Tagging
    • Photos Similarity
    • Product Similarity
  • Image Recognition: 3 tasks
  • Recognition Flows: 1 flow
  • Similarity: 1 collection, 3,000 images


$59  /Month

or $149 monthly


  • 100k or 300k API credits*
  • Fast parallel processing
  • Standard support
  • + one consultation with ML expert
  • Free services plus:
    • Advanced Annotation System
    • Object Detection
    • Fashion Tagging
  • Image Recognition: 10 tasks
  • Recognition Flows: 3 flows
  • Object Detection: 3 diferent objects
  • Similarity: 1 collection, 100,000 images


$499 /Month

or $149 monthly


  • 1M API credits*
  • Fast parallel processing
  • Priority support + regular consultations with ML expert
  • Business services plus:
    • Team Collaboration
    • Visual Fashion Search
  • Image Recognition: 20 tasks, unlimited flows
    • ML loop: add processed images to training data
  • Object Detection: 20 different objects
  • Similarity: 3 collections, unlimited images
    • Nightly sync of your DB
    • Custom similarity model
  • Fashion Tagging: map our taxonomy to yours Features

    • Image ClassificationClassify images using pre-defined labels in the library
    • Facial RecognitionHelps to find faces with similar facial features from a large collection of an image database
    • Object DetectionHelps to detect objects like plants, furniture, vehicles, and more within an image
    • PPE DetectionHelps to detect if a person is wearing masks, face covers, hand covers, and other protective equipment
    • Product SearchHelps to search product information that includes price, brand, description, and more on the web
    • Text in ImageAutomatically identifies the text and language using OCR
    • Popular Place RecognitionHelps to detect popular iconic places and monuments
    • Celebrity RecognitionHelps to recognize popular, noteworthy, and prominent individuals
    • Explicit Content DetectionEnables to detect explicit and unsafe scenes or elements
    • Face ComparisionHelps you measure the likelihood of two faces are of the same person
    • Facial AnalysisDetect faces and find facial attributes
    • Scene DetectionHelps to detect scenes like landscapes, sunset, and more within an image
    • Custom ClassificationHelps to create and train custom image classifiers with your own image collections.
    • Auto-tagging (Image)Helps to quickly analyze images and automatically tag scenes, objects, faces, and others Technical details

Support Online Customer Type Large Enterprises
Medium Business
Small Business
API Location / Phone Number Brno, Czech Republic
Deployment SaaS/Web/Cloud Official Website
Category Image Recognition Software FAQs is Image Recognition Software. offers the following functionalities:

  • Image Classification
  • Facial Recognition
  • Object Detection

Here`s a list of the best alternatives for

  1. Clarifai
  2. OpenCV
  3. Amazon Rekognition
  4. Spott
  5. Peltarion Platform

Yes, provides API.


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