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What is Vector UI and how does it work?

Vector is a comprehensive design tool and framework creation platform that caters to the needs of UI designers. It is a time-saving solution for designers, as it offers a powerful set of UI components that enable designers to create their designs quickly and efficiently. In comparison to traditional UI tools, Vector claims to save designers up to 60% more time.

In the traditional design process, even small changes in the design can take a considerable amount of time to implement. However, with Vector, designers can make changes at lightning-fast speeds using the platform’s tools. With Vector, designers can also use Figma features to change variants, layouts, and styles in UI designs, making the entire design process seamless and straightforward.

Vector addresses inconsistent spacings and styles, ensuring that the design is consistent and uniform throughout. This feature helps designers create well-organized and polished designs, making their workflow more efficient.

The platform caters to design use cases of all scales and sizes, making it ideal for both individual freelancers and creative agencies. Vector offers multiple plans, starting from $89, making it affordable for designers of all skill levels and needs.

In summary, Vector is a design tool that offers UI components, Figma features, and efficient tools to optimize the design process. The platform is suitable for designers of all skill levels and provides various plans to cater to their needs. Vector helps designers save time, create organized and consistent designs, and streamline the design process.


Vector UI Pricing

Pricing Model
One-time license


Starter  $99


  • 1 License
  • Standard Support
  • +2400 Components
  • +112 Styles
  • Lifetime updates
  • Showtli Mockups



  • 1 License
  • 8h prior support
  • +2400 Components
  • +112 Styles
  • Lifetime updates
  • Showtli Mockups
  • Design Help
  • Components for you



  • 5 Licenses
  • 8h Prior Support
  • +2400 Components
  • +112 Styles
  • Lifetime updates
  • Showtli Mockups
  • Design Help
  • Components for you
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Vector UI Features

Wireframe Tools Features

    • Presentation ToolsPresentation tools are digital solutions that allow you to utilize graphics, text, audio, or video to present data or a file. These tools help you grasp the interest of your audience.
    • Mock-up CreationMakes user to choose colour schemes, navigation layouts
    • Prototype CreationPrototype creation or prototyping is an iterative method in which design teams transform abstract concepts into concrete forms, ranging from paper to digital. To capture design ideas and test them on consumers, teams create prototypes with varying degrees of fidelity. You should refine and verify the designs with prototypes so that your company can release the correct products.
    • Mobile InterfaceAllows user to interact with software from a mobile device
    • Built-in TemplatesIt has bundle of predefined templates that can be used for creating a design
    • Page LinkingAllows user to navigate to another web page
    • Interactive ElementsThe basic idea is that interactive elements transform users from passive to active participants. Therefore, an interactive element is anything on the web page with which the user interacts. An interactive element is one that allows the user to take action.
    • Drag and DropDrag and drop is a feature that allows users to pick an object or a section of text and drag or “drop” it to a desired position. It can be used to invoke a wide range of actions or to create different types of associations between two abstract objects in general. The drag and drop method is designed to make moving and copying objects easy for users.
    • Desktop InterfaceAllows user to interact with software from a desktop
    • CollaborationCollaboration is the process of two or more individuals, groups, or organizations collaborating to accomplish a task or achieve a goal. It is a method of working in which individuals collaborate for the common good of the company.


Vector UI Technical details

Support Online Customer Type Freelancers
Large Enterprises
Medium Business
Small Business
API NA Location / Phone Number NA
Deployment SaaS/Web/Cloud Official Website
Category Wireframe Tools


Vector UI FAQs

Vector UI is Wireframe Tools. Vector UI offers the following functionalities:

  • Presentation Tools
  • Mock-up Creation
  • Prototype Creation
  • Mobile Interface
  • Built-in Templates

Learn more about Vector UI features.

Here`s a list of the best alternatives for Vector UI:

  1. Axure RP
  2. Moqups
  3. HotGloo
  4. Balsamiq
  5. Mockplus

No, Vector UI does not provide API.

Videos: Vector UI

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