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Urkund Software Pricing, Features & Reviews

What is Urkund Plagiarism Software?

Urkund is a reliable plagiarism checking solution that compares submitted documents against millions of sources to ensure their authenticity. It is an intuitive tool that was created by teachers to help other teachers. The developers of Urkund regularly update its matching index to keep it relevant with premium content.

One of the most important features of Urkund is that it can be integrated with Learning Management Systems (LMSs) that are already in use, so educators can continue to teach using plagiarism-free content.

Benefits of using Urkund Plagiarism Software:

  • Reliable plagiarism detection: Urkund uses sophisticated algorithms to detect plagiarism in submitted documents, even if the plagiarism is well-hidden.
  • Comprehensive database: Urkund’s database includes millions of sources, including academic papers, books, websites, and other published materials.
  • Easy to use: Urkund is an easy-to-use tool that can be integrated with existing LMSs.
  • Affordable: Urkund is an affordable plagiarism checking solution for educational institutions and businesses of all sizes.

Overall, Urkund Plagiarism Software is a powerful and reliable tool that can help educators and businesses to ensure the authenticity of submitted documents.

How can I check content duplicity with Urkund Plagiarism Checker Online?

  1. Submission: The software starts processing the texts within a document the very moment it gets uploaded by the writer. It supports a wide variety of text formats irrespective of the language they are in, Urkund Plagiarism Checker can process them all.
  2. Retrieval of relevant sources: Urkund Plagiarism Checker online starts looking out for similarity within three particular sources. It checks within its archives, academic materials and documents that were previously submitted by the students. All the similarities are studied and the results are saved in a report form.
  3. Analysis powered by machine learning: Incase a document starts to show some amount of similarities, that is when the base of a report starts to take shape. It uses an advanced algorithm to record the degree of detected matches and also finds out the synonyms and paraphrases used as substitutions.
  4. Report generation and delivery: Once Urkund Plagiarism Software is done with analysing the content, it generates an intuitive report and delivers it to the writer via the same learning platform, web box or on their individual email ID. The reports are presented in a comprehensive manner.

Urkund Software Price in India

Urkund Plagiarism Checker price is available on request.

Compatible Platforms for Urkund Plagiarism Software

Urkund Plagiarism Software is compatible with Windows operating systems.

Benefits of Urkund Plagiarism Checker

  1. Advanced API: Urkund Plagiarism Software features an advanced API tool that can be integrated with almost all LMS and VLE platforms. You can activate them from the options section of each assignment and courses.
  2. Advanced Reports: Content-based plagiarism reports offered by the software helps in getting a detailed view of each finding. The matched contents are displayed as highlighted texts, enabling the writers to drill into the sources and find the areas of improvement.
  3. URSA Minor: URSA Minor is an intuitive administrative module of Urkund Plagiarism Solution, using which school admins can monitor the usage level of Urkund Plagiarism Checker within their institution. They can also create new accounts for their teaching staff or remove the unused ones.

Urkund Pricing & Plans

Urkund price is available on request

Urkund Features

Grammer & Spelling Checker

Other than detecting plagiarism, Urkund Plagiarism Checker also detects the spelling and grammar related mistakes within a file

Full Text Search

Urkund Plagiarism Software is a text-matching solution that intends to monitor plagiarism within all the files submitted by you

Writing Statistics

The smart plagiarism checker detects all the synonyms and phrases used by the writer as substitutions and offers a detailed

Save Time

Urkund Plagiarism Checker offers an updated reference source, which detects plagiarism within content in no time.

Increase Productivity

The software checks all the uploaded documents in an automated way with no extra efforts from the teacher. It can work on any

Urkund Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :  Windows
  • Device:  Desktop
  • Deployment :  Web-Based
  • Suitable For :  All Industries
  • Business Specific:  All Businesses
  • Language:  English

Urkund FAQ

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