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TimeKompas Software Pricing, Features & Reviews

What is TimeKompas?

TimeKompas is an online payroll management software that makes payroll processing smoother and more effective for businesses of all sizes. It has a 7-layer audit process that ensures accuracy and security, and its selfie-based attendance sheet is a convenient and reliable way for employees to clock in and out.

TimeKompas benefits both employers and employees in a number of ways:

For employers:

  • TimeKompas automates many of the tasks involved in payroll processing, saving time and money.
  • The 7-layer audit process ensures that payroll is accurate and compliant.
  • The selfie-based attendance sheet reduces the risk of buddy punching and other forms of time theft.
  • TimeKompas provides a variety of reports that can be used to track employee time and attendance, and to identify areas for improvement.

For employees:

  • TimeKompas is a convenient and easy-to-use way to clock in and out of work.
  • Employees can access their paystubs and other payroll information online at any time.
  • TimeKompas can be used to submit time-off requests and vacation requests.
  • TimeKompas can be used to track employee performance and progress.

Overall, TimeKompas is a comprehensive and innovative payroll management software solution that can help businesses of all sizes improve their payroll processes and outcomes.

Uses of TimeKompas in different sectors

One of the best HR software online, TimeKompas covers a wide range of business areas or modules that benefit from its top of the class services.

  1. Urban & Government: We all know how crucial and confidential the government sector can be. With TimeKompas, employers can station their employees to work locations with just a selfie. This turns out to be user friendly and modern way of connecting with the employees and keep them motivated to work as well.
  2. NGO: For an NGO, every penny spent should have a moral cause and that’s exactly what TimeKompas help you achieve. With the software, you can customize your surveys, capture information from remote locations.
  3. Retail & Distribution: The software finds its usage in retail. With TimeKompas, checking up on sales, targets and expenses is easy.
  4. Corporates: From an organization with 10 employees to an MNC with thousands of employees, TimeKompas offers payroll, attendance, HR CRM, and all sorts of services.
  5. Real Estate: For the real estate sector, cracking deals and managing the same can be tedious and time-consuming. Amid this, TimeKompas’s HR software helps in monitoring all employee activities, work on leads or inquiries and even follow-ups on the site visits.

Highly customizable options

From Sales CRM to a human resources management system, TimeKompas lends you a firm grip over all customization options to the users. Not just clients, even the employees get options like payslip reports, self-attendance, leave approvals, expense management and many such benefits.


TimeKompas Pricing & Plans

Plan Features Users Price
Basic Core payroll features, including time tracking, attendance management, and payroll calculation Up to 100 Starting at $10/user/month
Standard All features of the Basic plan, plus leave management, overtime management, and custom reporting Up to 500 Starting at $15/user/month
Premium All features of the Standard plan, plus integrations with other HR systems, custom branding, and dedicated customer support 500+ Starting at $20/user/month

TimeKompas Features

Selfie Attendance

TimeKompas offers three selfie attendance modes -colleague, group, or a selfie. It starts from a worker to any higher level of


By a single click, your office HR can manage, view and generate daily attendance and payroll reports of employees.

Record Expense

Similar to payroll, employers can have a day-to-day expense report to track expense management.


For sales employers, it is easier to manage tasks, meet clients, and even manage expenses and tours.

Service CRM

The service CRM allows the users to locate all the services and manage their work accordingly on a daily basis.

Geo Tagging

With Geo-tagging, managers can track the exact location of their employees to mark the attendance and enhance the productivity as


Its Geofencing feature enables employers to track an employee’s clock in and out time within a permitted geographical area.

Live Tracking

To monitor employees’ daily activities, managers can view the field employees’ location history, live location and even


TimeKompas has a web-based innovative dashboard with more than 100 reports providing the detailed information of employees’

Automated alert & Notification

It comes with auto alert and notification features that regularly update the employee’s half-days, client reports and other

Leave Approval/Rejection

Managers can work on the holiday calendars, leaves, shift-timings under the leave approval/ rejection feature.

Online/Offline Mode

TimeKompas understands that how difficult it can be for both, the employer and the employee to manage work from remote locations.


TimeKompas ensures that user’s data always remain safe and secure. For this, they have a seven-layer security audit feature. It

TimeKompas Specifications

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TimeKompas FAQ

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