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What is Tangent Works and how does it work?

The Tangent Information Modeller (TIM) is a powerful automatic predictive model building engine that streamlines forecasting and anomaly detection processes by analyzing time series data and generating accurate models based on the patterns it detects. Traditionally, building and refining predictive models has been a laborious, iterative task that requires significant domain and data science expertise and weeks or even months of effort. However, with TIM’s advanced automation capabilities, accurate and timely forecasts can be produced without the need for specialized data scientists.

TIM’s predictive model building engine is capable of building high-quality, explainable models on continuously evolving data, regardless of the circumstances. By automating the model building process, TIM enables users to generate accurate models without any requirement for data scientists, greatly reducing the time and effort required. Additionally, TIM’s RTInstantML technology allows for easy rebuilding and retraining of models, further increasing the efficiency of the predictive modeling process.

One of the most noteworthy features of TIM is its scalability. TIM can be deployed in various ways to meet specific business requirements. It can be deployed in the cloud, on-premises, or even on the edge on IoT devices. This flexibility allows for seamless integration into any business environment.

To facilitate ease of use, TIM provides various interfaces, including TIM Studio, a streamlined graphical interface, and an API, which provides full control over modeling parameters. TIM clients can also take advantage of these interfaces to customize their use of TIM.

In summary, the Tangent Information Modeller (TIM) is an advanced automatic predictive model building engine that streamlines forecasting and anomaly detection processes, providing accurate and timely forecasts without the need for specialized data scientists. With its advanced automation capabilities, scalability, and customizable interfaces, TIM is an ideal solution for businesses looking to streamline their predictive modeling processes and gain a competitive edge.

Tangent Works Pricing

Pricing ModelFree Trial , Subscription , Quotation Based


Starter Pack     

For 3 month license

The easiest way to get true business value from Predictive Analytics on Data Platforms


  • Jump-start your AI/ML journey and augment value from your time series data using your favourite platform or application with direct access to TIM
  • Your n° 1 predictive analytics toolkit for Excel, Qlik, Alteryx or Alteryx Dynamics Demand Forecasting
  • Deployable via the Azure Market Place with Azure Consumption Credits

Production Use


Making predictive Analytics easy and affordable in your business


  • SaaS, On Premise, On Edge Deployment
  • Transaction based pricing



Integrate Predictive Analytics in your application without hassle


  • Embedded Time series Predictive Analytics in your application, so you can offer the value of predictive analytics to your clients
  • SaaS, On Premise, On Edge Deployment
  • Pricing tailored to fit your customer pricing mechanism
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Tangent Works Features

    • KPI & MetricsMeasures the success rate and monitor the performance metrics that matter most to your business.
    • Market AnalysisHelps to measure your industry status in the overall market using quantitative and qualitative data points
    • Industry AnalysisHelps to assess the business position against competitors and gain competitive dynamics of an industry
    • Performance AnalyticsHelps to predict the future performance of a business using Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and other Metrics
    • Risk AssessmentHelps to analyze the potential risk factors that cause harm to the business
    • Cash flow ForecastingHelps to measure the financial position of an entity in the future using cash in and cash out of a business
    • Divisional AnalysisHelps to track and monitor the performance of your individual business unit

Tangent Works Technical details

Support Online Customer Type Individuals
Large Enterprises
Medium Business
Small Business
API Location / Phone Number Gooik, Belgium
Deployment SaaS/Web/Cloud Official Website https://www.tangent.works/
Category Financial Analysis Software

Tangent Works FAQs

Tangent Works is Financial Analysis Software. Tangent Works offers the following functionalities:

  • KPI & Metrics
  • Market Analysis
  • Industry Analysis
  • Performance Analytics
  • Risk Assessment
  • Cash flow Forecasting


Here`s a list of the best alternatives for Tangent Works:

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  2. Fathom
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  4. Qvinci
  5. Runway

Yes, Tangent Works provides API.

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