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What is Spott and how does it work?

Spott is a renowned AdTech and e-commerce company that specifically caters to online brands and e-commerce websites, offering them valuable tools to enhance their conversion rates through engaging and innovative content. Its primary focus is to assist users in creating dynamic and captivating content that can significantly boost the sales potential of their products.

The core feature of Spott revolves around leveraging the recommendations and expertise of over 5,000 Spott members. By tapping into this collective knowledge, users can access insights and strategies that have proven to be successful in the past, thereby increasing the effectiveness of their content creation efforts.

Spott empowers users to create unique and tailored content according to their specific goals. Whether it’s increasing brand awareness, driving conversions, or improving customer engagement, the platform provides the necessary tools and guidance to achieve desired outcomes.

One of the key benefits of using Spott is its flexibility. Users can make any type of content interactive, maximizing the value of audience interaction. By transforming static images or videos into interactive experiences, brands can create a more immersive and engaging environment for their customers, leading to higher conversion rates.

Spott also simplifies the process of creating shoppable images for websites or online stores by offering automated database integration. With minimal code segments, users can transform their visuals into interactive and clickable elements, allowing customers to seamlessly explore and purchase featured products.

To track and measure the performance of their websites, Spott provides detailed analytics reports. Users can monitor metrics such as visitor count and growth rate, enabling them to gain valuable insights into their audience behavior and make data-driven decisions to optimize their content strategy.

For those interested in trying out Spott’s premium features, the platform offers a free trial version. This allows users to experience the full capabilities of the platform and determine its suitability for their specific needs. Pricing for Spott starts at $60 per month when billed annually, providing accessible and cost-effective options for businesses of various sizes.

In summary, Spott is a comprehensive AdTech and e-commerce platform designed to help online brands and e-commerce websites improve their conversion rates through engaging and interactive content. With its wealth of recommendations, content customization capabilities, and analytics features, Spott empowers businesses to create compelling visual experiences that drive customer engagement and boost sales.

Spott Pricing

Pricing Model
Free Trial , Subscription




$596.67 billed Yearly

Increase session times, get more recurrent visits and improve conversion


  • 500 interactions
  • Unlimited Interactive videos and images
  • Multichannel publishing
  • Online help center
  • Standard reporting


$298.80  /Month  Billed Yearly

$3586.02 billed Yearly

Perfect solution to create interactive ads for your top 10 clients.


  • 4000 interactions
  • Includes features of Essential plan, plus
  • Make Google Display campaigns interactive
  • 5 custom style sets
  • Daily product feed updates
  • Remove Spott branding
  • Customer succes manager


$996.35 /Month Billed Yearly

$11956.2 billed Yearly

Become an expert and create interactive ads for an unlimited amount of clients.


  • 18000 interactions
  • Includes features of Professional plan, plus
  • Make DV360 campaigns interactive
  • Unlimited custom style sets
  • Hourly product feed updates
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Dedicated customer succes manager


Spott Features
Image Recognition Features

    • Product SearchHelps to search product information that includes price, brand, description, and more on the web
    • Object DetectionHelps to detect objects like plants, furniture, vehicles, and more within an image
    • Auto-tagging (Image)Helps to quickly analyze images and automatically tag scenes, objects, faces, and others
    • PPE DetectionHelps to detect if a person is wearing masks, face covers, hand covers, and other protective equipment
    • Image ClassificationClassify images using pre-defined labels in the library
    • Text in ImageAutomatically identifies the text and language using OCR
    • Popular Place RecognitionHelps to detect popular iconic places and monuments
    • Celebrity RecognitionHelps to recognize popular, noteworthy, and prominent individuals
    • Explicit Content DetectionEnables to detect explicit and unsafe scenes or elements
    • Face ComparisionHelps you measure the likelihood of two faces are of the same person
    • Facial AnalysisDetect faces and find facial attributes
    • Facial RecognitionHelps to find faces with similar facial features from a large collection of an image database
    • Scene DetectionHelps to detect scenes like landscapes, sunset, and more within an image
    • Custom ClassificationHelps to create and train custom image classifiers with your own image collections.

Spott Technical details

Support Business Hours
Customer Type Large Enterprises
Medium Business
Small Business
API NA Location / Phone Number Aalst City, Belgium
Deployment SaaS/Web/Cloud Official Website
Category Image Recognition Software

Spott FAQs

Spott is Image Recognition Software. Spott offers the following functionalities:

  • Product Search
  • Object Detection
  • Auto-tagging (Image)


Here`s a list of the best alternatives for Spott:

  1. Clarifai
  2. OpenCV
  3. Amazon Rekognition
  4. Peltarion Platform
  5. Microsoft Computer Vision API

No, Spott does not provide API.

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