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Skolaro Software Pricing, Features & Reviews

What is Skolaro?

Skolaro is a cloud-based educational software solution that helps online institutes of all sizes to automate and streamline their administrative, academic, financial, LMS, communication, and other functions. It offers a comprehensive suite of features that can help educational institutions to improve their efficiency, productivity, and communication.

Skolaro’s key features include:

  • Admission management: Skolaro automates the entire admission process, from online enquiry forms to student selection and enrollment.
  • Student management: Skolaro helps educational institutions to manage their student data, attendance, grades, and other academic information.
  • Staff management: Skolaro helps educational institutions to manage their staff data, payroll, and other HR-related functions.
  • Fees management: Skolaro helps educational institutions to manage their student fees, including online payments and discounts.
  • Learning management system (LMS): Skolaro’s integrated LMS provides teachers with the tools they need to create and deliver online courses, assignments, and assessments.
  • Communication management: Skolaro provides educational institutions with a variety of communication tools, such as email, SMS, and push notifications, to stay in touch with their students, parents, and staff.

In addition to these core features, Skolaro also offers a number of other features that can help educational institutions to improve their operations and meet their specific needs, such as:

  • Library management: Skolaro helps educational institutions to manage their library collections, including books, journals, and other resources.
  • Transport management: Skolaro helps educational institutions to manage their student transportation system, including bus routes and schedules.
  • Hostel management: Skolaro helps educational institutions to manage their student hostels, including room assignments and mess bills.
  • Inventory management: Skolaro helps educational institutions to manage their inventory of items, such as books, stationery, and uniforms.
  • Reporting and analytics: Skolaro provides educational institutions with a variety of reports and analytics tools to track their progress and make informed decisions.

Skolaro is a powerful and flexible educational software solution that can be customized to meet the specific needs of any educational institution. It offers a comprehensive suite of features that can help educational institutions to improve their efficiency, productivity, and communication.

Here are some additional benefits of using Skolaro:

  • Improved student engagement: Skolaro’s LMS and communication features help to improve student engagement by providing them with access to their course materials and the ability to communicate with their teachers and classmates online.
  • Reduced workload for teachers and staff: Skolaro’s automation features help to reduce the workload for teachers and staff by automating tasks such as admission processing, grade calculation, and report generation.
  • Increased transparency and accountability: Skolaro provides educational institutions with a single platform to manage all of their data, which can help to improve transparency and accountability.
  • Improved decision-making: Skolaro’s reporting and analytics tools can help educational institutions to track their progress and make informed decisions about their operations.

Overall, Skolaro is a comprehensive and powerful educational software solution that can help educational institutions of all sizes to improve their efficiency, productivity, and communication.

Skolaro software assists educational institutes with:

  • Sharing study material
  • Online assignment & homework submission
  • Managing online timetable
  • Notifications for class schedule
  • Attendance tracking
  • Conducting auto-graded online exams
  • Generating report cards

How Does Skolaro Works?

Skolaro offers collaboration, machine learning, and data analytics functionalities to change the way schools function.

With Skolaro, schools can set up quick online classrooms and notify students about the same. Students can mark their attendance, and access class recordings, study material, homework, and assignments. Along with administrative and academic tasks, it further assists with events management, fee and payroll management, and accounting.

Why Choose Skolaro?

Skolaro is the best choice if you are looking for educational software that can help run online classrooms effectively and make learning fun for students. This school management software focuses on strengthening the relationship and communication between parents, staff, and students.

Also, being a cloud-based solution, it can be accessed from anywhere and proves to be cost-effective for your institute at the same time. Students can attend classes using virtual classrooms’ features like an online whiteboard, screen sharing, polling, recording classes, etc.

Key Modules of Skolaro

  • Realt-time alerts and notifications for homework, assignments, etc.
  • Seamless SMS and payment gateway integration
  • Indulge in two-way communication with direct messaging
  • Create subject and class-wise websites
  • Teachers can post question banks, videos, documents, Q&A, etc.

Benefits of Skolaro

  • Automate administrative tasks and reduce your staff’s workload
  • Facilitate improved decision-making with automated generated reports
  • Bridge the communication gap between the school and parents
  • Ensure more student safety with biometric attendance, bus monitoring, etc.
  • Access the system and work remotely from anywhere

Pricing of Skolaro

Skolaro price details are available on request at

Skolaro Learn price in India may vary based on factors like customization, additional features required, number of users, and the deployment type. Please request a call back for subscription-related details and to avail offers on premium packages.

Skolaro Pricing & Plans

Plan Monthly Price Annual Price
Basic $500 $5,000
Standard $1,000 $10,000
Premium $2,000 $20,000
Enterprise Custom pricing Custom pricing

Skolaro Features


Manage all educational institute’s administrative tasks like transport, inventory, library, admissions, and more.

Student Management and Fees

View data related to student-wise fee collection in just a single click.


Facilitate student learning with effective curriculum planning, assessment, assignment, attendance, and alumni.

Learning Mangement System

LMS allows teachers to create and share calendars, timetables, quizzes, assignments, question banks, and more.


Get a comprehensive view of the institute’s finances at one place to know the fees collected and expenses incurred.


Ensure smooth real-time communication between teachers and parents to discuss child’s progress.


Manage admissions process from form filling, interview selection, shortlisting, and final fees payment.


Update the library media stock, add new library members, issue books, and manage returns from students and teachers.


Teachers can upload, share, give reminders, and track student assignments through their mobile devices.


Allows you to track attendance in different classes, integrate biometric, send SMS alerts for absent students, etc.

Parent/ Student Portal Application

Parents and students can log in to their portal to access information, applications, and all the content.

Event Management

Parents, teachers, and students can access the academic calendar to check upcoming events.

Payroll Management

Calculate staff payroll based on attendance, leaves, holiday, and tax compliance.


Perform all accounting tasks like fee collection, bank reconciliation, generating cash receipts, finance management, etc.


Teachers and students can chat, do video conferencing, and share files, videos, photos, and other media files digitally.

Skolaro Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :  Ubuntu, Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS, Linux
  • Device:   Desktop, MobileTablet, iPad
  • Deployment :  Web-Based
  • Suitable For :  Schools & Institutes, Schools
  • Business Specific:  School/Colleges
  • Business Size:  Small Business, Startups, Medium Business, SMBs, SMEs, MSMBs
  • Language:    English

Nashsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd Brand Details

Brand Name Nashsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Information Ashish Dixit is a serial entrepreneur who has created some of the world’s leading products in the field of technology. Naini Singh has spent more than 25 years in the education industry and is an entrepreneur in EdTech space for the last 12.
Founded Year 2012
Director/Founders Ashish Dixit & Naini Singh
Company Size 1-100 Employees
Other info Have presence in 23,000+ schools | 10,00,000+ student profiles | 150+ major cities

Skolaro FAQ

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