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What is Ramp and how does it work?

Ramp is a corporate card platform that helps businesses automate their expense management process and save money. It provides employees with a corporate card that can be used to make business-related purchases. Ramp tracks all transactions and provides real-time visibility into employee spending. It also offers expense policies and budgeting tools to help businesses control their spending.

Ramp is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes that are looking to save time and money on expense management. It is especially useful for businesses with a large number of employees or multiple entities.

Here is a brief overview of the benefits of using Ramp:

  • Automate expense management: Ramp automates the expense management process, from transaction tracking to reimbursement. This can save businesses significant time and money.
  • Real-time visibility into employee spending: Ramp provides real-time visibility into employee spending, so businesses can identify and address any potential problems early on.
  • Expense policies and budgeting tools: Ramp offers expense policies and budgeting tools to help businesses control their spending.
  • Guaranteed cashback: Ramp offers guaranteed cashback on all transactions, which can help businesses save money.
  • Accurate receipt verification: Ramp automatically collects and verifies receipts, which can save businesses time and hassle.
  • Robust accounting integration: Ramp integrates with popular accounting software, making it easy to reconcile expenses.

Overall, Ramp is a powerful and versatile corporate card platform that can help businesses of all sizes save time and money on expense management.

Ramp Pricing

Pricing Model





  • 1.5% Cashback
  • Unlimited virtual & physical cards
  • Unlimited users
  • Automated receipt matching & verification
  • Category, merchant & transaction limits
  • Multi-step request & approval flows
  • Robust expense policies
  • ACH Reimbursements
  • Smart accounting integrations
  • Multi-factor authentication & single sign-on (SSO)
  • Advanced roles & permissions
  • Slack integration
  • $175,000 in partner rewards
  • Best-in-class customer support
  • Dedicated account manager


Ramp Features

    • Card Spending TrackerAutomatically tracks the expense done using a linked debit or credit card.
    • Multi-level ApprovalA sequential and thorough review process to approve expenses.
    • Reconciliation SummaryA statement prepared to report total outstanding payments and receipts.
    • Tax ClaimHelps with tax reclaim on expenses and maximizes the tax benefit of the organization.
    • Bank Feed SyncCan sync with bank notification and fetch expenses to make entries in the record book.
    • Receipt ScannerOCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool to scan and upload a paper receipt to make entries on the go.
    • Receipt ManagementStore and manage receipts of the expenses incurred by the employees.
    • Spend ControlTo reduce spending and prevent unauthorized use by setting transactional control.
    • Reimbursement ManagementHelps in managing employee expenses claims and regularize the approval process.
    • Expense ApprovalManagers can review and approve expense reports. Expenses not in compliance are automatically flagged or rejected.
    • Third-party IntegrationThird-party integration means addition of necessary external data to an existing project using different APIs (Application Program Interfaces). Due to the third-party APIs the developers are able to build a new solution in a shorter period of time, using already existing components instead of creating a code for new ones from scratch.
    • Time & Expense TrackingTime and expense tracking is the process of recording and tracking hours worked and expenses as they relate to projects. Time and expense tracking may provide multiple timesheet and expense views, configurable work time, overtime, approval, and expense reporting policies to allow organizations to effectively collect and manage time and expenses based on their unique requirements. It enables companies to reduce errors, duplicate entries, and administrative overhead. It can also reduce the amount of time it takes to collect and report project data, manage timesheets and remote data entry.
    • Multiple Reporting CurrencyReports entries from different origin currencies in the native exchange rate.
    • Mileage TrackingFacilitates tracking mileage automatically and stop recording when a location is reached & it can produce IRS compliant reports

Ramp Technical details

Support Online Customer Type Large Enterprises
Medium Business
Small Business
API Location / Phone Number New York, New York
Deployment SaaS/Web/Cloud Official Website https://ramp.com/
Category Expense Management Software

Ramp FAQs

Ramp is Expense Management Software. Ramp offers the following functionalities:

  • Card Spending Tracker
  • Multi-level Approval
  • Reconciliation Summary
  • Tax Claim
  • Bank Feed Sync
  • Receipt Scanner
  • Receipt Management
  • Spend Control
  • Reimbursement Management
  • Expense Approval
  • Third-party Integration
  • Time & Expense Tracking

Here`s a list of the best alternatives for Ramp:

  1. Simplifi
  2. Quicken
  3. Brex
  4. Slope
  5. Divvy

Yes, Ramp provides API.

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