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About Intercept X Endpoint

Sophos Intercept X is a comprehensive antivirus solution designed to protect businesses from malware and viruses while also providing remote management capabilities. This hybrid antivirus solution can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud, providing businesses with flexibility and scalability.

One of the primary features of Sophos Intercept X is its anti-malware protection, which is designed to identify, block or remove threats, thereby safeguarding computers and servers from viruses, adware, spyware and other infections. The software utilizes machine learning algorithms and behavioral analysis to detect and prevent both known and unknown threats, offering businesses advanced protection against even the most sophisticated attacks.

In addition to its anti-malware capabilities, Sophos Intercept X also includes web protection, which adds an additional layer of defense by preventing attacks originating from infected websites. The software scans for and blocks threats before they can affect devices, helping businesses avoid potentially costly and damaging security breaches.

Another key feature of Sophos Intercept X is its device and application control functionality, which enables administrators to set rules governing the use of removable media such as USBs, as well as mobile and wireless devices. This helps prevent unauthorized applications and devices from accessing the network, reducing the risk of data loss and preventing the spread of malware.

Sophos Intercept X also includes a centralized management console, allowing administrators to easily monitor computers and devices on the network. This dashboard provides real-time visibility into the security status of endpoints, enabling businesses to quickly identify and respond to potential security threats.

Finally, Sophos Intercept X provides robust support options, including live chat and an online helpdesk, as well as access to a knowledge base with helpful articles and guides. With its comprehensive feature set and flexible deployment options, Sophos Intercept X is an excellent choice for businesses looking to protect their network and data from cyber threats.


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  • Hybrid antivirus solution with on-premise or cloud deployment options
  • Anti-malware protection that identifies, blocks, and removes threats
  • Machine learning algorithms and behavioral analysis to detect both known and unknown threats
  • Web protection that prevents attacks originating from infected websites
  • Device and application control to set rules for removable media, mobile and wireless devices
  • Prevention of unauthorized applications and devices from accessing the network
  • Centralized management console for real-time visibility into endpoint security
  • Live chat support for quick assistance
  • Access to an online helpdesk for troubleshooting
  • Knowledge base with articles and guides to help with setup and management
  • Exploit prevention that stops the execution of exploits and techniques used to spread malware
  • Ransomware protection with deep learning technology to stop new and unknown ransomware attacks
  • Firewall protection with deep packet inspection
  • Advanced threat intelligence that provides a detailed understanding of potential threats
  • Endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities to help investigate potential security incidents
  • Root cause analysis to identify the source of a security incident


  • Comprehensive protection against malware, viruses and other threats
  • Centralized management console for easy monitoring and management of endpoint security
  • Device and application control to reduce the risk of data loss and prevent the spread of malware
  • Web protection to prevent attacks originating from infected websites
  • Access to live chat support and an online helpdesk for quick assistance and troubleshooting
  • Advanced threat intelligence and EDR capabilities to investigate and respond to potential security incidents

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