Instancy Learning Management System

Instancy Learning Management System

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About Instancy Learning Management System

Instancy is an advanced cloud-based solution that helps organizations create and manage various types of online learning programs. It is designed to enable enterprises to plan and design classroom training, video tutorials, webinars, and other types of online learning activities with ease.

The platform provides a wide range of features that simplify the process of managing online learning activities. Users can schedule webinars, assign instructors, and create presenters or invitation URLs. They can also share desktop screens, online videos, and presentations with attendees, which facilitates content editing using built-in drawing and highlighting tools.

Instancy provides a comprehensive set of tools that enable instructors to engage learners and share content with them using social learning tools such as blogs, web conferencing, discussion forums, opinion polls, and chats. These tools help instructors to create an interactive and engaging learning experience for learners, which improves learning outcomes.

In addition, Instancy allows managers to automate logins/registrations, track assignment status, and evaluate assessment results using customizable reports, dashboards, and analytics. This feature provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of learning programs and enables managers to make data-driven decisions.

Instancy is available on a per-user, per-month subscription basis, and provides support via phone, email, and other online measures. Its customizable templates, virtual classroom management, blended learning capabilities, and other advanced features make it a comprehensive online learning platform for organizations of all sizes.


Price starts from $2.00 per month

The pricing model is based on the number of users, but we consider other factors as well. For example, some organizations are training businesses with users who may need access for a specific time period. Other organizations are companies with internal training responsibility where users routinely need access to the content. Other factors include the modules/functionality.


Free trial: available


Free version: unavailable


  1. Webinar scheduling
  • Plan and schedule webinars with ease
  1. Instructor assignment
  • Assign instructors to specific online learning programs
  1. Presenter creation
  • Create presenters for your online learning programs
  1. URL invitations
  • Create invitation URLs for attendees to join your online learning programs
  1. Desktop screen sharing
  • Share your desktop screen with attendees
  1. Video sharing
  • Share online videos with attendees
  1. Presentation sharing
  • Share presentations with attendees
  1. Content editing tools
  • Built-in drawing and highlighting tools for editing content
  1. Notification system
  • Receive notifications for important events
  1. Customizable templates
  • Create customized templates for your online learning programs
  1. Virtual classroom management
  • Manage your virtual classrooms with ease
  1. Blended learning capabilities
  • Combine online and in-person learning activities for a comprehensive learning experience
  1. Social learning tools
  • Use blogs, web conferencing, discussion forums, opinion polls, and chats to engage learners
  1. Automated login/registration
  • Automate the login/registration process for your learners
  1. Assessment tracking
  • Track the status of assessments for your learners
  1. Customizable reports and analytics
  • Create customized reports and analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of your online learning programs.


  • Simplified online learning program management
  • Enhanced learner engagement
  • Valuable insights with customizable reports and analytics
  • Automated processes for increased efficiency
  • Flexible and customizable templates
  • Comprehensive support

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Instancy Learning Management System
Instancy Learning Management System
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