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What is Damoov and how does it work?

Damoov is a company that specializes in providing mobile telematics services to third-party mobile applications. With our innovative solution, businesses can easily collect, process, and analyze driving data without the need for any telematics device.

Our proprietary technology allows any smartphone to become a powerful tracking device, making it easy to monitor and track vehicles in real-time. This means that businesses can easily keep track of their fleets and drivers, without having to invest in expensive hardware or equipment.

Damoov’s mobile telematics service is designed to be easy to use and integrate into existing applications. Our solution can be customized to meet the specific needs of each business, providing a tailored approach to tracking and data analysis.

By leveraging our technology, businesses can gain valuable insights into driver behavior, route optimization, and vehicle performance. This can help to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase overall productivity.

One of the key benefits of Damoov’s mobile telematics service is its ability to provide accurate data and analytics in real-time. This can help businesses to make informed decisions quickly, and adjust their operations on the fly to meet changing market conditions.

Overall, Damoov’s mobile telematics service is an innovative and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to improve their tracking capabilities. With our technology, companies can gain valuable insights, improve efficiency, and reduce costs, all while leveraging the power of smartphones to do so.


Damoov Pricing

Pricing Model
Freemium , Quotation Based





  • All services and Telematics SDK included
  • Get all updates and new features
  • No setup fees, monthly fees, or hidden fees




  • All free suite features
  • Volume discount
  • Priority customer support
  • Data export
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Damoov Features

Fleet Management Features

    • Work Order ManagementHelps in managing and organizing work order in a paperless form to streamline workflow
    • Vehicle TrackingHelps to connect the software with the vehicle location for availing useful information about the car or vehicle on road in different locations
    • Tool TrackingIt helps tracking tool repairs, streamlines tool inventory and tool control and ensures right tool is allocated at the right place
    • RoutingHelps to create optimal routes/paths to reach a location timely, safely and conveniently
    • Parts ManagementHelps in enhancing the fleet part management process, minimize part cost and facilitates taking a better informed operational decision
    • Mileage TrackingFacilitates tracking mileage automatically and stop recording when a location is reached & it can produce IRS compliant reports
    • Maintenance TrackingHelps to simplify maintenance programs, record maintenance tasks and make detailed maintenance data easily accessible
    • Maintenance SchedulingHelps in framing a maintenance plan, gathering and coordinating all the resources to do a job within a specified timeframe
    • Inspection ManagementHelps to streamline all-important inspection program/tasks and automate it to make the process paperless
    • Fuel ManagementFacilitates monitoring fuel consumption and reducing cost without compromising the service provided
    • Driver ManagementHelps in knowing driver’s location in real-time, instant messaging the drivers, automates IFTI reporting, monitor driver’s performance, etc.
    • Dispatch ManagementFacilitates the process of assigning drivers and or vehicles to customers
    • Accident TrackingHelps to consolidate all accident data for easy retrieval and reference to do driver performance review
    • Vehicle InformationFacilitates availing and viewing all necessary vehicle data and status information from a single dashboard
    • Inventory ManagementInventory management refers to the process of ordering, storing, using, and selling a company’s inventory. This includes the management of raw materials, components, and finished products, as well as warehousing and processing of such items. For companies with complex supply chains and manufacturing processes, balancing the risks of inventory gluts and shortages is especially difficult. To achieve these balances, firms have developed several methods for inventory management, including just-in-time (JIT) and materials requirement planning (MRP). nventory represents a current asset since a company typically intends to sell its finished goods within a short amount of time, typically a year. Inventory has to be physically counted or measured before it can be put on a balance sheet.


Damoov Technical details

Support Online Customer Type Large Enterprises
Medium Business
Small Business
API Location / Phone Number Washington, DC
Deployment SaaS/Web/Cloud Official Website https://www.damoov.com/
Category Fleet Management Software


Damoov FAQs

Damoov is Fleet Management Software. Damoov offers the following functionalities:

  • Work Order Management
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Tool Tracking
  • Routing
  • Parts Management
  • Mileage Tracking
  • Maintenance Tracking
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Inspection Management
  • Fuel Management
  • Driver Management
  • Dispatch Management
  • Accident Tracking

Here`s a list of the best alternatives for Damoov:

  1. Fleet Complete
  2. Fleetio
  3. GPS Insight
  4. Samsara
  5. Locus

Yes, Damoov provides API.

Videos: Damoov

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