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What is 1upHealth and how does it work?

1upHealth is a leading provider of comprehensive tools designed to enhance user experiences in the healthcare industry. Their platform caters to hundreds of health systems and health tech companies, empowering them to create seamless and easily accessible experiences for their users. At the core of their offerings is the EHR connectivity feature, which securely stores and manages millions of patient medical records.

One of the standout features of the 1upHealth platform is its robust FHIR API platform. This cutting-edge technology allows users to rapidly build applications and functionalities that would have previously required years of development. What sets it apart is that no authorization is required from healthcare providers for integration. Health tech companies can simply request their consumers to connect to their own data, enabling instant access and computation. By leveraging the power of the 1upHealth platform, users can streamline their development process and focus on delivering exceptional products and services to their customers.

The platform’s fully managed serverless FHIR API infrastructure is truly unique in the industry, enabling users to effortlessly view, manage, and take action on their health records. With instant connectivity across the United States, users can access their health data without the need for a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). This streamlined approach ensures data privacy and security while offering unparalleled convenience.

1upHealth goes beyond serving health tech companies and health systems. Their platform also facilitates seamless interactions between payers and provider organizations through FHIR Bulk Data transfers and analytics APIs. This capability enables efficient data exchange and analysis, empowering organizations to derive valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.

Patients play a vital role in the 1upHealth ecosystem as well. They can leverage 1upHealth’s free patient application to compile their health data from various sources and easily share it with different health systems and applications whenever necessary. This patient-centric approach empowers individuals to have greater control over their health information and facilitates collaborative care across multiple healthcare providers and apps.

In summary, 1upHealth offers a comprehensive platform that enables health systems and health tech companies to create seamless and accessible experiences for their users. With features like EHR connectivity, a powerful FHIR API platform, secure data storage, and patient-centric applications, 1upHealth empowers organizations and individuals alike to harness the power of health data in an efficient, secure, and user-friendly manner.

1upHealth Pricing

Pricing Model
Quotation Based


Patient Mediated APIs


For patient authorized data through our whitelisted Patient Connect workflow

1. Volume Based Pricing

  • 1,000 FREE API queries / month
  • 1 – 100,000 queries/month = $0.0049/query
  • 100,001 – 1,000,000 = $0.0039/query
  • 1,000,001 = $0.0029/query

Typically ~$1-2 per patient per year

2. Health System Connections

  • Up to 10 connections FREE
  • $0.09 per month / connection

3. Storage

  • Up to 100 MB FREE
  • Storage is fixed at $0.99 per 100MB
  • Typically 1000 patients = ~1 MB

4. Subscriptions

  • Receive real-time patient updates on trigger (e.g., new medication added)


  • Per API call pricing (1000 / month free)
  • Pay as you go via credit card
  • Read Access to Clinical Data
  • Self-service Support
  • No license / software fees

Direct Provider Connections


For direct integrations to health systems (under BAA) for population of patients

1. Volume Based Pricing

  • 20,000 FREE API queries / month
  • 1 – 100,000 queries/month = $0.0049/query
  • 100,001 – 1,000,000 = $0.0039/query
  • 1,000,001 = $0.0029/query

Maximum of ~$2 per unique patient per year. Per patient pricing is also available

2. Health System Connections

  • Monthly fee based on # of FHIR® resources
  • Price ranges from $200-450 / month per connection depending on scope and read vs write.

3. Storage

  • Up to 2GB FREE
  • Storage is fixed at $0.99 per 100MB
  • Typically 1000 patients = ~1 MB

4. Subscriptions

  • Receive real-time patient updates on trigger (e.g., new medication added)

5. FHIR® Bulk Data APIs

  • Access population-level data using our FHIR® Bulk Data APIs, ANSI SQL queries, etc.


  • Volume based pricing
  • Contract with volume-based rates
  • Read and Write Access to Clinical Data
  • Dedicated Support Resources
  • No license / software fees


1upHealth Features

    • Care SummaryPatient summary of care report that helps on each care transition or to another setting of care
    • Patient QueueAllows to virtually control patient queue and connect to the doctor
    • Patient PortalFacility for patients to access personal health information from anywhere
    • GDPR ComplianceMakes the website compliant to General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 that offers privacy to all users in the European Union
    • HIPAA CompliantOffers security over the collection of sensitive data and uphold to protect the integrity of PHI
    • PaymentsEnables payment collection from the visitors via popular payment gateways
    • File TransferAllows sending and receiving files
    • RemindersSends important reminders through email to attendees
    • Patient Records ManagementManages and records all necessary and vital data about a patient.
    • Alert NotificationsAlert notifications are actionable and content-rich push notifications sent by a software. These notifications can be for anything from new leads to cases that have been ignored or discount requests.
    • Live ChatLive chat is a medium that allows the employees to interact with website visitors or with each other in real-time. It can be either text, voice, or video-based chat that team members can use to get in touch with each other to discuss or resolve any ongoing issues.
    • Personalized URLEnables to create a customized or brand URL for respondents and visitors to get access to the link

1upHealth Technical details

Support Online Customer Type Large Enterprises
Medium Business
Small Business
API Location / Phone Number Boston, MA
Deployment SaaS/Web/Cloud Official Website https://1up.health/
Category Telemedicine Software

1upHealth FAQs

1upHealth is Telemedicine Software. 1upHealth offers the following functionalities:

  • Care Summary
  • Patient Queue
  • Patient Portal
  • GDPR Compliance
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Payments
  • File Transfer
  • Reminders
  • Patient Records Management
  • Alert Notifications
  • Live Chat

Here`s a list of the best alternatives for 1upHealth:

  1. Doxy.me
  2. Amwell
  3. Practice Fusion
  4. iCliniq
  5. Medici

Yes, 1upHealth provides API.

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Photos: 1upHealth

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