Employee Monitoring Software: How to Ensure Your Employees Are Happy and Productive

Today’s workforce is more mobile, independent, and collaborative than ever. As a result, companies that leverage the right employee monitoring software have found new ways to increase performance and decrease costs. If you are concerned about how much time your employees spend on non-work related activities during work hours, or if you just want to know what they are working on so that you can grow your business effectively, implementing employee monitoring software is the answer. This article will explore some of the key benefits of employee monitoring software and how it can help your business.

Increase Collaboration and Productivity

Many companies rely on employee monitoring software to increase collaboration and productivity. Employee monitoring software can help you create a more flexible work environment that enables employees to work from wherever they are most productive and efficient. In that way, employee monitoring software allows you to increase productivity by taking advantage of your employees’ location-independent work styles. Because employee monitoring software allows you to see what your employees are working on and when, you can also create more effective project teams. Employee monitoring software that includes collaboration features can also help you measure group effectiveness. By tracking which team members spend the most time working together, you can gauge how productive your teams are.

Help You Hire the Right People

Employee monitoring software can help you hire the right people by providing insights into how people work. For example, when your employees are using a time monitoring tool, you can see how long it takes them to complete different tasks. You can also see what their most efficient workflows are and which software tools they are using. By tracking how long it takes employees to complete projects, you can also see when you may need to hire new people. When you see that some projects are taking longer than others, you know to look for new hires to help finish them. The employee monitoring software’s time tracking feature can also help you eliminate waste by showing you how much time certain employees are spending on non-work related activities.

Help You Cut Costs

Several employee monitoring software solutions are designed to help you cut costs. Some employee monitoring software tools, for example, automatically notify you when an employee calls in sick. With this information, you can send an employee a virtual wellness coach to help him or her get better faster. Employee monitoring software can also help you reduce the cost of onboarding new employees by making sure they are properly trained. If you have employees that are working remotely and/or off-hours, you can use employee monitoring software to make sure that they are actually working. Some employee monitoring software tools can even help you bill clients for their work.

Show You Which Activities Lead to Employee Retention

If you are trying to retain key employees and minimize turnover, employee monitoring software can help you see which activities lead to employee retention. By tracking how often your employees interact with clients, for example, you can see which activities are most important to your employees. This insight can help you create more opportunities for your employees to interact with clients and to retain them. By tracking how often your employees use social media, you also gain insight into how your employees are spending their time outside of work. By monitoring social media usage, you can see whether your employees are participating in activities that could jeopardize their jobs.

Help Estimate Employee Worth Through Tasks and Time Tracking

Employee monitoring software can help you estimate employee worth through tasks and time tracking. By tracking how many tasks your employees are completing and how long they are taking to complete them, you can estimate each employee’s value to the company. Because employee monitoring software enables you to track tasks and time at both an individual and group level, you can also see which tasks are contributing most to the company’s success. This insight can help you determine how much each employee is contributing to the company.

Enable Real-Time Coaching for Your Employees

If your employees are working remotely, employee monitoring software can enable real-time coaching for them. Some employee monitoring software tools can send your employees notifications when they are using the wrong software or taking too long to complete a task. These notifications can be as simple as an email telling an employee that he or she should use a different tool. They could also be as complex as a video showing how to use the correct software or complete the task correctly. By providing timely coaching for your employees, you can increase productivity and help them avoid costly mistakes.

Employee Monitoring Software: How to Ensure Your Employees Are Happy and Productive

Employee monitoring software is meant to help you monitor your employees and their work. However, you can only achieve these positive outcomes if you use the tool correctly. To ensure your employees are happy and productive, follow these steps:

Prepare Your Employees

Before you implement employee monitoring software, you should prepare your employees. Let them know that you are implementing this software so that they know what to expect. If you are implementing employee monitoring software for the first time, employees may feel threatened. To avoid this, let your employees know why you are implementing the software and how it will help them. This will help your employees feel more at ease.

Monitor Successfully

If you want to see results from your employee monitoring software, you have to use it correctly. You should monitor your employees during working hours only. Once an employee’s shift ends, you should stop monitoring their computer usage and other activities. You should also monitor your employees’ websites and social media pages. Remember, though, that anything your employees post online is visible to the whole world.

Ensure Accountability

If you want to implement employee monitoring software effectively, you must make sure that your employees are accountable for their actions. You can do this by setting up rules and expectations with your employees. For example, you can require your employees to sign a cyber safety agreement that outlines what is off-limits while they are at work.

Communicate With Your Employees

Finally, you must communicate with your employees about how the employee monitoring software works. You can do this by hosting virtual meetings or creating a digital newsletter.

Employee monitoring software can help you grow your business by increasing collaboration and productivity, hiring the right people, cutting costs, tracking what activities lead to employee retention, and enabling real-time coaching for your employees. To achieve these positive results, you should prepare your employees for the software, monitor it successfully, ensure accountability, communicate with your employees, and communicate with your employees. Now that you know how employee monitoring software can help your business, you can start looking for the right solution. Keep these benefits in mind as you explore your options.


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