Thief Simulator VR: Greenview Street, VR Roll Out an Update for this New Year

3R GAMES has been providing regular updates for Thief Simulator VR: Greenview Street since it was released in July, and they are back at it again just in time for Christmas. Providing their players with free upgrades, new features, and additional content.

3R GAMES has just released the latest update, which includes a new Junkyard area. This place will be perfect for selling disassembled car parts that the players have acquired through the new Car Disassembling mini-game. Now, you can customize your car without any restrictions and have some fun with the new Trampoline item too. Last but not least, we’ve included a new car to the Car Disassembling mini-game and several other enhancements

We are coming out with major updates to graphics that will ensure a stark difference between daytime and night time and improved shaders that provide a better player experience. We are also releasing a new 3D sound system that will make it easier to judge the distance of other people, which makes walking around easier while still remaining stealthy. You’ll especially see these improvements complemented by a Quality of Life update that improves NPC scanning routines and reduce the chance of being seen. Hacking has also been significantly improved for better player experience.

Multiple profiles will be allowed on a single device, along with cloud saving, making it much easier to switch between players and allowing multiple household members to play simultaneously.

It has been 3R GAMES’ practice to provide new and existing players with new content, and they have no intention of stopping. As well, they are developing new areas and unique content for Quest 2 owners.



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