New Productivity and Team Collaboration Features for Marketers Added in Zoom

Easily manage and scale your events with Zoom Sessions – the new event management solution with expanded features for single-session events

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Zoom has emerged as a game-changer in the way we work. The company introduced Zoom Events, which combined functionalities such as Zoom Webinars, Zoom Meetings, and team chat into one solution, targeted at event organizers conducting live events.

Now, Zoom has taken the next step forward by launching Zoom Sessions, a new event management solution aimed at marketers. This innovative solution helps marketers to scale their events and provides them with expanded features for single-session events. With Zoom Sessions, marketers can now track and measure the success of their events using analytics and ticketing features, generate new leads with automation tools, engage attendees, and build brand awareness, among other things. Zoom Sessions helps to take the hassle out of event management and provides a comprehensive solution for marketers.

Zoom Sessions is an all-in-one event management solution that provides marketers with a wide range of features at different pricing tiers. This allows marketers to choose the features that best suit their needs without having to pay for unnecessary ones. Some of the new production tools available in Zoom Sessions include backstage, simulive, practice sessions and resources, which can help to improve the overall production quality of events. Additionally, Zoom Sessions also has a variety of features to increase audience engagement, such as live polling and results, Q&A, session surveys and chat. These tools can help to keep audiences engaged and provide valuable feedback on events.

Zoom Sessions not only offers a wide range of features for event management but also includes team collaboration features, making it a comprehensive solution for marketers. With the ability to add up to five hosts and three co-editors, it enables users to share hosting duties with a single license. Additionally, it provides customizable registration pages and emails, allowing users to match virtual backgrounds, back splash images and name tags.

The solution also includes analytics, workflow and set-up tools that give users a detailed dashboard for tracking and measurement. Users also have access to Zoom events, event hubs which enables them to organize events and past event recordings, and set-up customizable registration and pre and post-event email reminders. Zoom Sessions is a one-stop solution that allows marketers to effectively manage their events and measure the success of their events.


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