Hacker can now hack android apps with malware by using Darknet Service

Spain, Portugal and Canada might be potential victims of this malware that attacks Windows and Android devices.

A recent malware campaign targets not only Windows devices, but also Android devices as well.

According to The Hacker News, this campaign has the use of malware like ERMAC, a well-known Android banking trojan or info-stealing malware like Erbium, Aurora or Laplas.

A security firm, ThreatFabric, claims that the campaign resulted in thousands of victims.

“1,350 harmful cyber-attacks have been prevented with cyber-security know-how from Erbium.”

Zombinder is a dark web platform that hackers have used to use malware in legitimate apps, and it has targeted victims in Spain, Portugal, Canada and more.

The problem is that the malware was delivered to the victim’s devices in a number of different ways, such as installing a legitimate app like Instagram on their device, which had been infected with malware.



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