7 best dictation software for medical professionals


Dictation software is a valuable tool for healthcare workers, from doctors and nurses to CNA’s and therapists. Dictation can be used for more than just taking notes. It can replace manual transcription, which is time-consuming and prone to errors. That’s why many organizations invest in dictation software when they need workers who can accurately transcribe medical conversations using speech recognition technology (SRT). Here are seven excellent options:

Express Scribe

Express Scribe is a medical dictation software for Windows and Mac. It has a built-in spell checker, thesaurus, word counter and word count.

The software also allows you to type in your own words as well as use real-time transcription from any microphone or speakers connected to your computer.

Microsoft Speech Recognition

Microsoft Speech Recognition is a speech recognition software that allows you to dictate text into any application. The software uses the same technology used by Cortana, the personal assistant on Windows 10 computers.

The best part about this app is that it works with most operating systems and devices, including Macs and iPads. You can easily use it with your Android smartphone or tablet as well.

You can use this dictation software for several different purposes:

  • To doodle while you’re listening to music or watching TV shows;
  • To write down notes while driving; or even just creating new lists!

Dragon Medical Practice Edition

Dragon Medical Practice Edition is a dictation software that allows you to dictate, transcribe, and share notes. You can also use it for dictating to a transcriptionist. It has an intuitive interface and is easy to use.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition includes two tools: the Speak & Write Editor (SWED) and the Transcriber Toolbar (TTB). SWED allows you to write text on your computer screen using any preferred writing tool of yours—for example: Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer—and then convert it into speech by converting all characters into phonetic symbols using ASL-SVO format which is used by deaf people who speak American Sign Language (ASL), or English with their fingers instead of vocal cords. After that process is completed successfully, TTB will automatically transcribe what was typed into SWED as sentences so that other users can hear them spoken aloud while simultaneously reading along with what they were typing out loud.”

Phillips Speech Exec Pro

Phillips Speech Exec Pro is one of the best dictation software for medical professionals. The software has a high accuracy rate, which means that it will be able to handle any kind of speech or language barrier you may encounter when using it. It also comes with a large vocabulary, so users don’t have to worry about being limited by their knowledge of certain words in different languages.

Phillips Speech Exec Pro has been around since 1994, and during this time it has been used by thousands upon thousands of people all over the world who need help transcribing audio files into text form quickly and accurately—including doctors and nurses who need to type up patient notes while they’re still in hospital beds; teachers who use dictation programs during class; lawyers who want to get documents signed electronically; students wishing they could take notes on laptops while away from school grounds (but still ensure there’s no cheating).

Nuance PowerScribe 360

Nuance PowerScribe 360 is a medical transcription software that’s used by doctors, nurses and medical transcriptionists. It’s an efficient way to record and transcribe dictation from patients, patients’ families or other caregivers. With the help of this software you can easily record your notes on their own note-taking device (like a tablet or laptop), then convert them into text files for easy sharing with others in the medical field.

The process works like this: after recording your voiceover on the device you’ll have access to prompts that will allow you to enter key words or phrases as they appear during your conversation with them so they’re transcribed correctly without any errors! If there are any issues with what was recorded previously due to external factors such as background noise etc., then these can be corrected by editing manually instead before publishing back out onto our platform where professionals will review all submissions against their guidelines prior before approving them for publication onto our website/app directory where clients can browse through them based off keywords searched within each document which makes finding relevant content easier than ever before!

Olympus DSS Player Plus

Olympus DSS Player Plus is a dictation software for medical professionals. It supports multiple languages and is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. The software can be used for transcription and dictation purposes by doctors or nurses.

The Olympus DSS Player Plus has been designed to meet all your needs in terms of quality and features, making it an ideal tool for your office or clinic.

M+Speech Pro

M+Speech Pro is a dictation software that helps healthcare workers do their jobs more efficiently. It is available for Windows and Mac, and it saves time by reducing the need to type. The program supports more than 40 languages, so it’s perfect for medical transcriptionists who work with multiple languages on a daily basis.

The application provides an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for anyone to learn how to use the program. It even comes with an advanced voice recognition engine so users can speak into their computer instead of typing out everything themselves!

These dictation software help healthcare workers do their jobs more efficiently

Dictation software can help healthcare workers do their jobs more efficiently. It can reduce the amount of time spent on paperwork, which means that doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers can spend more time with patients. Dictation software also helps reduce the risk of making mistakes in patient records by providing a backup system for them to use if they forget something important or misspell a word.


Dictation software can be a great tool for healthcare workers who need to take notes or transcribe audio files. These programs are designed to make it easy for you to get the information you need from your patients, which means you won’t have to spend hours transcribing interviews or long phone calls. With so many options available today, it can be difficult knowing which one is right for your needs—which is why we put together this list of seven top products on the market today!

We hope our guide helps you choose the perfect dictation software for your business needs. If there are other software programs not listed here that could benefit your practice, feel free to leave us a comment below and let us know how they worked out!


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